Ecommerce Website Audit

The task of an eCommerce store is to convert traffic into sales. But not all websites do a good job of this, meaning wasted opportunity and ad spend…

Regular website audits are key to eCommerce sales growth. A thorough website conversion audit can help you find bottlenecks in everything from add to carts, new customer acquisition, higher average order values (AOV), increased customer lifetime value (CLTV) and more.  

A website conversion optimization audit can help eCommerce stores increase their conversion rates significantly, making a huge impact on the bottom line!

Why Should You Perform A Website Audit?

If your conversion rate is 2% or below, or you have a really low average order value, or you know you’re not converting enough new customers to grow, then you need to do a website audit – stat!

Audits are designed to give you the data and insights you need in order to improve your conversion rate, AOV and CLTV. A detailed audit discovers where your prospects are falling by the wayside and why – so you can fix it!

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What’s included in our Website Audit?

What clients say…

“I got more useful insights and value from this audit than other agencies who quoted me thousands of dollars!” 

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