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Regular website audits are key to eCommerce sales growth. A thorough audit can help you find bottlenecks in everything from SEO to customer acquisition, and do it faster than ever before.  

Top of my list is a conversion optimisation audit. This one simple audit can help marketers increase their eCommerce conversion rates by huge numbers!  

Let me explain in detail in the video below:

Why Should You Perform A Website Audit?

Audits are designed to give you the data and insights you need in order to improve your SEO (search engine optimisation) and your conversion rate. A detailed audit discovers where your prospects are falling by the wayside and why so you can fix it!

Click on the button below to download my metrics calculator so you can see for yourself how a small improvement in traffic or conversion rate can have a big impact on your bottom line!

Website Metrics Calculator

Here's what's included:

Our team provides detailed Website Conversion and SEO Audits for clients with eCommerce websites. 

This is for eCommerce websites that want to improve their organic search traffic AND website conversion rate (ie get more traffic and sales!)

SEO Audit Analyse your website & diagnose SEO issues. Provide recommendations to improve.

Complete Data Analysis Assess behaviour flow, identify where, when and why your visitors abandon your website and how to fix it.

Website Conversion Audit Review design, usability & customer acquisition process. Provide recommendations to improve.

Report & Coaching Session Receive a written report AND a 30min coaching session to go over the Audit analysis & recommendations.

“I have learnt so much! Website traffic has increased and sales are up already! Thank you”

Jade - ThermoBrush

“Sound advice that is simple to follow.”

Karen - Danceree

“Incredibly helpful. Steps things out in small tasks.”

Chelsea - Tiptoe & Co

“Save me time and sanity by giving me the tools to attract customers to my website.”

Narelle - Fizzy Pop Designs

About Me

Catherine Langman

“My name is Catherine Langman and I am the founder of Productpreneur Marketing. 

I started my own online store back in 2007. I’d left the corporate world, where I worked in advertising and digital design, to start my own business designing and manufacturing eco-friendly baby products. 

I’m sure when I first launched I was like most everyone else, in thinking “if I just build this website, the customers will come”. Huh! Pretty sure Google didn’t even know I existed back then! And that early website is soooo embarrassingly bad it’s not even funny! 

Initially I grew my online sales just through hustling and networking in online groups and forums. But with two kids under 2, I just couldn’t operate like this. I had to find a better way to grow my sales more consistently! 

It wasn’t until I learned a series of crucial strategies, including SEO and Website Conversion Rate Optimization, to generate a consistent stream of website visitors and convert those into new and repeat customers, that I realised just how profitable and automated my online store could be. 

That transition was HUGE! It meant I could scale and grow my online business, with the consistent sales giving me the financial freedom I desired, and the automated sales giving me the flexibility I needed to spend time with my growing family. 

Now, these days, because of my experience, I get to work with many different online stores, helping them to generate more traffic to their website, and use my strategies to grow and automate their sales. And I believe you can do this too. "

— Catherine Langman

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