What Our Clients Are Saying

Wendy Siu-Chew Lee

I've been so pleased to work with the Productpreneur Marketing revamping my Shopify website and eCommerce marketing, and the results are just amazing. I saw an increase in traffic and sales immediately, with steady sales growth month on month ever since!

Jodi Swift

My website conversion rate is up by 13%, and revenue has grown by 160%!

Claire Berhman

"It's been so lovely working with you and all your team. My only regret is not engaging their services sooner! The last few weeks we have been smashing it! I would be more than happy to recommend Productpreneur Marketing to anyone."

Vicki Simpson

The places you have taken my business, I could have only dreamed of, I owe my success to you! You’ve taken me from a tiny little brand to a 7 figure business.

Stacey Beveridge

We've experienced over 1100% growth! I'll never have anyone else manage my Facebook ads.

If you want to work with people who not only are professionals and deeply understand their craft; but are also genuine people who are going to care about your website and the 'why' of what you are doing, these are the ones to go to. 5 star service, 5 star product!

Dana Burrows

I loved developing my email funnels with Productpreneur Marketing. Their approach was beneath the surface and not superficial like so many other marketing experts! We're seeing up to 47% of revenue generated via Klaviyo which is exciting!

In just two weeks we sold the stock we had estimated would last the whole Christmas season!

Tanja Filipovska

Great service, fantastic to work with and consistently get profitable results. I experienced 100% revenue growth within 2 months and now getting consistent 6 figures per month in sales.

Kristy Rigby

I still get a shock everyday when I look at our sales figures. I half expect “the bubble to burst” and that our sales will drop back to our “old normal”…but each week they keep going up!

Amy Stanton

Before working with Productpreneur Marketing, I was at a point where my business had plateaued and I wasn't sure what to do next. I have been so impressed with the whole experience, the team has been really friendly and professional. I have seen great results over the couple of months I have been working with them. I will absolutely be recommending them to all of my biz friends.