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Productpreneur Marketing has helped numerous Productpreneurs to achieve amazing growth and inspiring success in their businesses!

michelle-kuramochi_squCheeky Chompers

“I have been working with Catherine for 9 months. Been in business 4 years, and have tried many things and had ups and downs, but in this last 9 months I’ve been able to really streamline my marketing.

Below is a snap shot of my sales tracker… My wholesale orders are on top of this. Biggest month on record! Thank you Catherine for everything!” Michelle Kuramochi, Cheeky Chompers

Client case study 540% sales growth


“Woop woop!! I just landed 3 new stockists today c/o the work I’ve been doing with Catherine Langman! And I have a whole system for follow-up emails set up to manage them. This lady knows her stuff!! Can’t wait to get more of her marketing strategies in place and get my whole business rockin!” Kristy Rigby, Babiators

kylie-joosteCheeky Wipes

“Just wanted to share with you our figures as we’ve just reached $100K in online sales this year (excludes expos & wholesale). This is a 60% increase in just 4 months!  It feels good that despite the juggle with the kids, the business is growing! I’m excited about the potential growth I can have when the kids are actually at school and I have a bit more time, ha ha. Thanks for all your help!” Kylie Jooste, Cheeky Wipes

laura-kleinSnotty Noses

“Since starting to work with Catherine a few months ago, I’ve already done 10x last year’s sales and the year isn’t even over yet!” Laura Klein, Snotty Noses


“After Catherine and her team implemented her marketing automation strategies, my website sales increased by over 40% in 6 months! Before that, sales on my website had been static. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cath to anyone who is serious about growing their online business.” Valerie Petersen, Inner-B