Marketing Planning

One of the hardest things when it comes to planning for growth, is estimating your future revenue and setting growth goals.

As a business owner or leader, you crave predictable, profitable growth. But you probably also know from experience that there are a lot of variables outside your control.

This makes it extremely difficult to plan ahead or to invest in advertising or other growth with any degree of confidence.

There’s also a commonly-held misconception that you can never guarantee any kind of specific result when it comes to your digital marketing.

However, when you work with a marketing specialist that works across all platforms and channels to implement whole-of-business growth strategies, then there are ways to be able to predict your revenue and profit growth with a high level of accuracy.

Strategic marketing planning will help you achieve your goals

What our Marketing Planning service includes

Why choose our Marketing Planning package?

Most people can probably set growth goals for their business.

Many can also calculate things like how much traffic you need to get to your store, what AOV and conversion rate you need to hit those targets. 

Some can design a marketing calendar that includes the right product launches and promotions you’d need to run to stimulate the demand for your products that will be required to hit those targets.

A few can design a media plan that works out specific ad campaign strategies and budgets you’d need to get enough traffic to your online store, and have the skill set to implement those campaigns in a way that achieves the required ROAS to achieve your targets. 

Only a handful know how to track and interpret the data, course correct in a timely manner, and ensure that the bus is always heading in the right direction at the right pace and profitability. 

That takes skill and experience. Which is where Productpreneur Marketing comes in!

What clients say about our Marketing Planning expertise

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Get better results, faster by working with an expert

You can either learn how to plan for growth the hard way – by trial and error over time…

Or you can significantly shorten that learning curve and get the results faster by working with someone who already has those skills and experience.

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