Klaviyo Email Marketing

Email Funnel Design and Implementation

Once you’ve found your target customer, don’t let them go! You’ve worked hard for them to see you, so make sure you capitalise on that! It’s time to talk directly to them.


As experienced Klaviyo email marketing experts, we can help you to automate your sales with a custom-made, automated email funnel.

Our Klaviyo email funnels nurture your potential customers to ensure your products are absolutely irresistible to them.

But further than that, we can help you turn these new customers into raving fans who keep coming back for more, bringing their friends with them – all on auto-pilot!

The majority of our clients enjoy at least 10% increase in sales simply as a result of moving to Klaviyo and implementing automated email funnels in their business.

To create killer automated email funnels, we get to know your target customers intimately – including how and why they buy – so that your sales surge each and every quarter.

Recoup more of your lost sales from your warmest leads – customers who abandon your shop pages as well as their shopping cart.

And encourage repeat purchase by cross-selling to other products or up-selling to more of the same.

That’s the beauty of sales automation. A well-designed email funnel strategy continues to convert new customers and brings back previous ones over and over again, exponentially growing your customer base and revenue.

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Find out how our Klaviyo email marketing experts can help you to automate your sales.