Klaviyo Audit

The task of an eCommerce store is to convert traffic into sales. But on average, only about 2% of your traffic will convert to sales straight away. 

Rather than take the risk that the rest of those visitors will come back on your own, it’s important to invite them to subscribe to your email list and follow up with them via automated and broadcast emails and SMS’s.

Klaviyo is a powerful tool that enables eCommerce brands to rapidly increase new and repeat sales. But, most eCommerce brands are not utilising this tool or getting as much value from it as they could.

A Klaviyo audit can help eCommerce stores increase their conversion and retention rates, improving customer lifetime value and making a huge impact on the bottom line!

Why Should You Perform A Klaviyo Audit?

If you are not generating at least 20% of your revenue from email marketing, or you know you’re not converting enough new customers to grow, or your returning customer is below 15%, then you need to do an audit – stat!

Audits are designed to give you the data and insights you need in order to improve your conversion rate, AOV and CLTV. 

And the good news is that Klaviyo publishes detailed benchmarks for all product categories, so it’s very easy for us to model your expected Klaviyo returns,

Click on the button below to download my metrics calculator so you can see for yourself how a small improvement in traffic, AOV or conversion rate can have a big impact on your bottom line!

What’s included in our Klaviyo Audit?

What clients say…

“I got more useful insights and value from this audit than other agencies who quoted me thousands of dollars!” 

Clare – Quality Garden Supplies

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