Shopify Web Design Case Study:

Re-designing I Still Call Australia Home and migrating from WordPress to Shopify

Without a well-designed website, your online store will struggle to convert traffic to sales.

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The Problem...

This champion of Australian gifts – I Still Call Australia Home – came to us with the request to redesign their website and migrate it from WordPress to Shopify. 

Having established their online store on WordPress, designing and building it themselves, they had grown their business over many years with a content-rich SEO strategy. They’d published hundreds of blogs and optimised them to drive traffic to the store, where they sold a large range of Australian gifts – hundreds of SKU’s.

But they struggled with ongoing issues such as plugin conflicts, significant hosting downtime and outages, and a clunky shopping cart that was not mobile friendly at all. They were also having issues integrating with a number of applications they wished to use in their marketing to help scale and grow the business. 

After the website crashed during the peak Christmas season – their busiest sales period – they knew they needed to act. Fast!

They needed the help of skilled Shopify designers and developers to re-imagine the look and feel of the store as well as migrate it to the Shopify platform. 

“I need a reliable website...”

You can’t sell product when your website keeps going down due to unreliable hosting or plugin conflicts.

And a shopping cart that is not mobile friendly costs a lot of sales too.

Their conversion rate was terrible, preventing them from profiting from scalable marketing strategies like paid advertising.

As a result, their future growth was being severely stunted.

They needed the help of skilled eCommerce web design professionals to redesign the website and migrate it to Shopify.

The Solution...

We custom designed a beautiful new website for I Still Call Australia Home: 

1: After profiling the customer avatars and mapping out the buyer journey, we designed the information architecture, content and layout that would appeal to buyers.  

2: We redesigned the visual design of the entire website, including updating the logo, so the entire site looks more professional.

3: We planned for the significant job of moving the hundreds of SEO-rich blogs without impacting search engine rankings, to mitigate the risk of a drop-off in organic search traffic volumes.

4: After building the new site on the Shopify platform, we migrated all the customer data, order history and domain name over from WordPress. 

From this...

To this...

The Results...

The single biggest leverage point in this website success was designing a well thought-out user experience and tailoring the design of the content layout and mega menu specifically to suit the customer’s buyer journey.  

Additionally, the mobile-friendly checkout contributed to a significant increase in the website conversion rate.

The reliability of the Shopify platform immediately removed any website downtime previously experienced as a result of unreliable hosting or IT issues such as plugin conflicts. 

As a result, sales revenue increased by 180% compared to last year!

Thank you for all the terrific work you’ve done for me – I really love my website and ended up 1.8 x last year in the end, with NO outages, NO calls to IT support to upgrade servers and NO lost orders. #Winning!” Felicia Rusher

“Why I moved from  Woocommerce to Shopify and chose Productpreneur Marketing to do it. (In Felicia’s own words)

While I really liked and had success with my Woocommerce website, as my business was growing, and the needs for more functionality + traffic and sales grew, Woo-commerce began ‘creaking at the seams’.  Issues started occurring that meant the website went down during peak periods, including losing orders; issues with plug-in compatibility; and the website ‘crashing’ with too much traffic… My server host even told me I’d need my own IT guy to manage my server. No thanks! While I’m technically minded, this was one step too far.

In addition, the check-out process was clunky;  page loading speed was slow; I had high abandoned cart rates; and low conversion vs benchmark.

I started to feel my website was working against me rather than for me; and my fears increased for going through another peak period worrying if my website was going to work.

“After using Shopify as a customer, and seeing how fast, and simple especially the checkout process was, I was pretty interested!

Then I found out I wouldn’t have to worry about supporting how much traffic was coming to the site (server issues), page speed or scalability and I was convinced.

In addition to this, the fact that Shopify exclusively focuses on e-commerce businesses was a big plus …. I’m always a big fan of companies that are experts in one thing, as opposed to trying to do them all. I was at a US conference and most of the big companies there exclusively integrated their systems with Shopify but no other platform. Hmmm…

So when I met Catherine and her team from Productpremeur Marketing – who focus exclusively on eCommerce businesses; have had e-commerce businesses themselves, and who used to support Woocommerce but now exclusively do Shopify websites, I was in! I was super confident they would not only understand where I was coming from as an online store owner, but also understand and be able to anticipate my needs moving from one platform to another; as well as being Shopify specialists and create something stunning my customers would love.

The results…

The Productpreneur Marketing team went above and beyond to provide a professional and exceptional service – no question was too big or small.

They also had great attention to detail, with 1,000+ SKUs being transferred over and just as many ‘pages’ optimised for SEO on my old site, it was a mammoth task that they transferred across with ease.

I really appreciate how they were so responsive to any question and didn’t ghost me after going live – they’ve literally been there every step of the way!

To say I was ‘quietly terrified’ about the transition because of all the SEO work I’d done on my old website not transferring across, was an understatement – but I needn’t have worried.

Page speed has increased considerably, and I finally have a ‘Mega Menu’ and great UX, which I struggled to achieve with my old Woocommerce site because of plugin compatibility issues.

It looks better than ever – with a beautiful design, and even a more streamlined logo design suggested and approved as part of an unexpected bonus.

It was such a relief and pleasure to work with professionals who deeply understand ecommerce, Shopify and Woocommerce; including all the additional integrations including payment gateways; review and email software that compliments the website.

I also have had great, and unexpected benefits with the speed and usability of the shopify back-end….

I have gained so much time back with small things such as uploading products; and bulk-editing products for sales; new collections and more.

Even just updating the stock levels is so quick, rather than sitting there waiting for a rotating blue circle on the screen, then getting distracted because it takes so long, and not updating the stock in the end… instead it literally takes less than 30 seconds to go in and update it because of how great the product search functionality is; as well as the speed of it.


If you are wondering what’s better – Woocommerce or Shopify – having now experienced both, I can definitely say it’s Shopify all the way!

Thank you to Catherine and her team. I would not hesitate in highly recommending their services to anyone looking to transfer an existing site to Shopify; or create a new, amazing Shopify website. 

If you want to work with people who not only are professionals and deeply understand their craft; but are also genuine people who are going to care about your website and the ‘why’ of what you are doing, these are the ones to go too.

5 star service, 5 star product!”

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I’m 180% up on last year with NO outages & NO lost orders. #Winning!”  
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