FACEBOOK Advertising

If you want to scale your business fast, leave your Facebook ad management in the hands of experts. Our high impact strategies drive hoards of targeted traffic to your website and convert them into new and repeat customers.

What our Facebook Ad Management Service includes

Why choose our Facebook Advertising Package?

With billions of daily active users, Facebook and Instagram still represent enormous opportunities to build brand awareness and connect with your ideal customers, as well as to drive traffic and sales on your website. 

When done well, running paid advertising on these platforms also lifts the performance of all your other channels. So your results with SEO (search engine optimisation), Google advertising and email marketing will also improve.

Paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram also offer fairly instant results, compared to longer-term marketing strategies such as building and monetising an email list or working on your search engine optimisation. So if scaling your brand fast is a priority, this channel is key.

However, Facebook advertising has become increasingly complex and the way the platform operates has changed rapidly.

So working with experts can end up saving you time and money on your Facebook ad management (compared to trying to figure it all out alone and potentially risking a lot of money!)

What clients say about our Facebook Ad Management

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Why Facebook Advertising and Google Advertising work so well together

Typically, people will google when they’re ready to buy. So frequently, we’ll see Google ads working faster and generating high returns quite quickly.

But, people will only google for you if they know you exist. 

This is where Facebook advertising comes in. This channel enables us to build brand awareness, build engaged audiences and increase demand for your products. 

Some customers will buy from the Facebook ads and others will convert from Google. Running both paid traffic channels side-by-side produces higher overall returns.

Additionally, being able to run two profitable paid traffic channels helps you to build a more secure business by mitigating the risk of ‘putting all your eggs in one basket’. 

Businesses that only master one traffic channel are at much greater risk of negative impacts to your revenue when that platform changes its algorithm. (And unfortunately, platforms make big and small updates to their algorithms all the time!)

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