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Rapid traffic growth is great for converting new customers fast… But email marketing should be your main moneymaking channel. And our Email Marketing Agency services will help you capitalise on that!

Selling more to existing customers to encourage repeat purchases is far easier and cheaper than always chasing after new customers. 

And, in turn, maximises your customer lifetime value (LTV) and profitability. If you’re not generating at least 20% of your revenue from email, you’re leaving a significant amount of cash on the table!

Grow new and repeat sales with our email marketing agency service

What our Email Marketing Agency Service includes

Why choose our Email Marketing Agency Package?

Once you’ve found your target customer, don’t let them go! You’ve worked hard for them to see you, so make sure you capitalise on that! It’s time to talk directly to them.

Nurture your potential customers to ensure your products are absolutely irresistible to them. And then turn these new customers into raving fans who keep coming back for more, bringing their friends with them – all on auto-pilot.

To get the best results, we get to know your target customers intimately – including how and why they buy. 

Then, we design the perfect content just for them, and set it up to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time. 

Personalised marketing outperforms a ‘send to everyone’ approach deliver 6x higher purchase conversion rates! 

So whoever thought email was dead…is missing out big time 😀

What clients say about our Email Marketing Agency Service

Don’t just take our word for it! Read an in-depth case study to find out what our clients say about our email marketing agency service and the results we get for clients.

Why Email Marketing and Paid Advertising work so well together

Typically, an eCommerce website converts at roughly 2%. Meaning, 98 of every 100 visitors to your website will leave without making a purchase. 

When you encourage those visitors to subscribe to your database, you no longer leave things up to chance, hoping they will just come back.

Incorporating the right list-building and flow strategy can increase your average order value by 3x AND your conversion rate by 4x!

Without even paying more for ads! And even better – it’s largely automated. 

What this means is that you make more money from your paid traffic. So your ads instantly become more profitable!

Generate more revenue in your eCommerce store with our email marketing agency

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