A Personalised Ecommerce Business Mentoring Program To Accelerate Your Brand Growth

ATTN: Brand Owners

Want To Grow Your Fledgling Brand Into A Lucrative Empire?

You’ve successfully launched your business – customers are loving your stuff and sales are growing…

You know your brand has the potential to make millions…

But the truth is – building a business and a brand is hard when you’re on your own. 

I should know – I’ve been there myself. My kids were just little when I started my first business in 2007. 

I remember the chaos of working around nap time or late at night, running on passion, adrenaline and buckets of coffee to build my dream!

I don’t miss those first years of trying to figure it all out – testing different things, making many mistakes and crying many tears of frustration…

After figuring it out the hard way I’ve become passionate about sharing what I know. 

About mentoring eCommerce brand owners how to work less but make more.

Without working at a frantic pace or falling in a tearful heap late at night...

Now, you get to benefit. After all, your time is valuable.

That’s why we’re here.

We’ve helped hundreds of Productpreneurs propel their business growth from 6- to 7-figures a year.

We do this through expert advice and strategies from successful entrepreneurs who have achieved success in product businesses.

We help you achieve extraordinary results with your brand

Even if you barely have time to sneeze, your to-do list is as long as your arm, & you feel like you have no idea how to get the results you want…

The Productpreneur Mastery eCommerce mentoring program is designed specifically for product-based entrepreneurs (productpreneurs!) who are ready to grow their brand into a million-dollar success. FASTER.

Take advantage of my 20-something years’ of experience to help you make less mistakes, get more leverage into your day (make more while working less), and enjoy a greater return on effort as well as investment.

Over 12 months, you will learn the most successful strategies to grow and manage your business – to increase revenue and profits, streamline your systems and processes from marketing to fulfilment, and build a high-performance team.

So that you can build a business and a life you love.

TRANSFORM from an overwhelmed and exhausted worker-bee... Into a CALM and CONFIDENT leader with time and energy to enjoy your lifestyle!

Your business mentor works with you to:

Bottom line – when you implement what we teach, you’ll enjoy faster, more sustainable growth AND you won’t have to work harder or longer hours to get there.

This is not just another course!

This is a 'Done-With-You' business mentor program

Unlike other courses – you’re not going to spend hundreds of hours watching videos or trying to figure it out alone.

It’s also not another course where you just learn Facebook ads, or generic strategies that are supposed to suit any business model.

My team and I work with you personally to scale your brand.

This is a partnership. A joint effort between you, me and my team.

Delivered via a combination of small group work, personalised one-on-one sessions and some done-for-you help. 

As a result – you get the expert help you need AND you develop the skills you need to thrive on your own.

So that you can propel your eCommerce business forward into true financial and lifestyle abundance.

Think of it as the business school for productpreneurs, who want to become a self-made success.

Here's what you get:

Who is the Mastery business mentor program for?

Women with existing eCommerce brands 

Ideally have already achieved $10k-$15k in online revenue a month

Brands that have proven customers love their stuff

Productpreneurs who are serious about scaling their business 

Entrepreneurs who want to get more leverage into their day by learning how to focus on the stuff that matters

Aspiring millionaires!

(This program is not for you if you are just getting started. If you’re just launching, check out our Foundations program. This program is also not for you if you aren’t fully committed to investing time and resources into your business. Whilst this is a program designed to build a successful business, it’s NOT a magic pill or a silver bullet that will get you overnight success without effort.)

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We’ve helped many brand owners just like you build the business of their dreams

With our battle-tested strategies and expert coaching, you, too, can have a business and a life you love. 

“In only 6 months, I’ve already beaten last year’s sales for the whole year! Thanks Catherine.” – – Lisa Munro, Happy Tummies
“I used to throw everything at the wall to see what stuck to try and grow my business. Catherine taught me to automate all of my marketing systems so that the hard work was done for me and my business made money no matter if I was there or not. This also freed me up to be more creative and enjoy my business more. Working with Catherine is like working with a friend – she has a beautiful caring personality If you’re looking to work with some, I highly recommend Catherine – she is the bomb!”
– Lou Duggan, Cake 2 The Rescue
“Signing up to Catherine’s program was the best decision I made. The program allowed me to confidently (and profitably) implement strategies such as Facebook ads into my business.  My monthly sales are almost 3 times higher compared to last year. This is the best program specifically designed for eCommerce owners to scale their business. The value from the group has been priceless.”
– Diana Swadling, Milkbar Breastpumps

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