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Looking to up your game with beautifully styled, professional product photography? 

To achieve success in eCommerce today requires a constant pipeline of new visual content.

Whether for use on your website, social media or paid advertising, eye-catching imagery that presents your products and your brand perfectly for your customers is essential. 

Our product photography and content creation service includes:

  • Professional set styling.
  • Individually sourced props that compliment your branding and match the brief. 
  • Industry-standard photographic and studio lighting equipment. 
  • Professional retouching and post-production – including removal of any dust or scratches.
  • Cropping and resizing for individual online platforms.

We can also provide packages for non-styled product shots for your online store (products against a white background).

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6 Types of Product Photography

1: THE STUDIO SHOT: Your product shot against a plain background

The studio shot is just your product photo taken on a plain background and nothing else. 
The purpose of this shot is to clearly and attractively present your product to your customers.

Where to use: Most commonly used on product pages.

2: THE DETAIL SHOT: Close up shots to highlight features 

The detail shot is a close up shot of the product. This shot helps customers understand and see the details of your products. 

The purpose of the detail shot is to take away any confusion or answer any questions that the customer might have about the product. This will make it easier for them to make a buying decision.

Where to use: Most commonly used on product pages.

3: THE SCALE SHOT: To give your customers a sense of size

The scale shot is a photo of the product that shows how big (or small) the product is relative to its environment. Your customers want to know if that hat fits an infant, or if it’s meant for adults. If the vase can hold a full bouquet, or just a few flowers. You get the idea.

Where to use: Most commonly used on product pages.

4: THE GROUPED SHOT: Multiple products shot together

Group shots are great for showing products that are sold in multiples, bundles or different variations like jewellery (available in different finishes) or ceramic mugs available in different colours. Grouping can help depict depth, variations, finishes and angles of a product in one captivating image. 

Where to use: Most commonly used on product pages.

5: THE PACKAGING SHOT: Your product styled in a branded way

Packaging is definitely one thing that adds that extra oomph to the ecommerce shopping experience. So if your product packaging is gorgeous, why not show it off! Knowing how the product is packaged gives customers a better sense of the branding and what to expect in the mail. Additionally, a beautiful packaging shot can also help convey that the product makes a great gift. 

Where to use: Most commonly used on product pages and for social posts.

6: THE LIFESTYLE SHOT: Showing your product in use 

The lifestyle shot is what you would use to show the customer what their life will look like by using the product. For this, the product will be presented in its natural environment, where it’s expected to be used by the customer. These lifestyle shots help the customer imagine what using the products in their life and home would mean for them. They create a relationship and connection with your audience.

Where to use: Most commonly used on your website and for social media posts.