From Launch To 7 Figure Brand In Just 18 Months…

This fast-growing lifestyle brand has successfully grown from pre-launch into a much-loved fixture on the most fashionable foodie’s tables everywhere!

The Problem...

This innovative Australian lifestyle brand in the kitchenware space – Styleware – came to us with the goal to launch and scale their brand online.  

They wanted to have a successful launch as well as learn and implement the right marketing systems and strategies to successfully grow their brand.

As a design-led lifestyle brand in the kitchenware niche, Styleware is a very new and different product on the market. This added additional complexity to their situation that required a marketing system that could be tailored to their needs.

The brand is sleek and stylish, and the products functional and durable. Plus they’re Australian-made! Desirable points of difference that consumers and retailers are loving (and rewarding with their purchases!).

Launching a brand for the first time is daunting if you’ve never done it before. But Arabella, the ambitious Styleware founder, was keen to avoid mistakes and generate revenue growth as quickly as possible.

“I need help to launch and scale...”

Not having a skilled marketing team in-house and not wanting to waste time or money trying to figure it out alone (and risk making costly mistakes in the process!), she came to Productpreneur for help, joining our Mastery program.

Her goal was to plan and implement the right digital marketing strategies to build their brand and fast-track their sales growth in their online store.

After a great launch result and selling out of their first production run, Styleware has gone on to enjoy consistent revenue growth in both their online eCommerce store and via their growing roster of wholesale stockists around the country.

The Solution...

We designed a comprehensive ‘results action plan’ designed to achieve Styleware’s growth targets: 

1. First, our experts conducted a detailed audit and analysis of the digital landscape in their category as well as their current marketing performance so that we could identify areas of opportunity. 

2. We worked with the client to set revenue growth targets and formulated the right plan and strategies to achieve those goals.

3. Then, our team of experts helped Styleware to implement, optimise and scale those planned strategies.

4. We used our proprietary results-driven eCommerce growth formula to plan, implement, optimise and scale in order to achieve profitable revenue growth. 


The Results

The single biggest leverage points in this campaign success were:

1. Increasing the volume of traffic and sales from the most cost-effective traffic channels – achieving a 32% increase in revenue from Organic Search and 121% increase in revenue from Email.

2. Increase in the returns plus decrease in costs from paid traffic channels – generating over 3,125% increase from Google Ads and over 213% increase from Facebook Ads.

3. These two factors combined mean that Styleware enjoyed consistent and rapid revenue growth.

And, we have increased eCommerce revenue by more than 115% in just 12 months!

And this doesn’t even include their rapidly growing wholesale revenue channel!

I don’t know about you, but that’s a pretty good ROI for a new brand!! 

While the brand continues to scale and grow and is on track for 6-figure months, it’s important to mention that they are selling quality products and brands with a distinct point of difference. That’s important. The best marketing strategy in the world won’t help if you’re trying to sell something of poor quality or that no one wants. 

We can’t wait to see what our next ecommerce client brings in!

I came across the Productpreneur because I was SO into business podcasts, literally listening to them in all my spare time as I found them so motivating and inspiring. But I was continually frustrated by advice that was very much service based and not particularly relevant… then I came across your podcast with real actionable tips, a ton of information and knowledge, and specifically for product based businesses. So impressed was I that I decided to take the plunge and work with Cath and the Productpreneur team.” Arabella Selby – Styleware founder

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