Over 1,900% Growth In Just 12 Months…

This jewellery retailer has scaled their Shopify sales revenue by more than 10x in just 12 months!

The Problem...

This Aussie jewellery retailer – Pontifex Jewellers – has been a stalwart in Sydney, having served a local customer-base from their brick-and-mortar retail store for 40 years.

But with the retail landscape changing rapidly over recent years, adding and growing via an eCommerce online store became an imperative.

The problem was – they faced multiple challenges in moving to an eCommerce model:

Their website was clunky and difficult to navigate (with an enormous range containing thousands of SKU’s), their website conversion rate was very low, they had not implemented any email flows to automate their sales, and they had no sources of traffic in place (paid or organic).

“I need help to pivot and scale...”

Not having a skilled marketing team in-house and not wanting to waste time or money trying to figure it out alone (and risk making costly mistakes in the process!), Pontifex Jewellers turned to Productpreneur Marketing for help.

Their goal was to plan and implement the right digital marketing strategies to build their brand and fast-track their sales growth in their online store.

Pontifex Jewellers has enjoyed consistent increasing traffic and sales across all channels since working with us over the last year.

The Solution...

We designed a comprehensive ‘results action plan’ designed to achieve Pontifex’s growth goals: 

  • First, our experts conducted a detailed audit and analysis of the digital landscape in their category as well as their current marketing performance so that we could identify areas of opportunity.
  • We worked with the client to set revenue growth targets and formulated the right plan and strategies to achieve those goals.
  • We developed and implemented automated Klaviyo list-building and email flows to engage with customers and automate the sales conversion process across the entire buyer journey. We also created a 12-month marketing calendar and commenced sending regular promotional campaign emails.
  • When we began working with Pontifex, they had recently updated their Shopify website. However, in moving eCommerce platforms, they had lost organic search rankings and their conversion rate took a dive. We needed to repair these urgently, by optimising the website for SEO as well as conversions, to make sure the website would convert profitably when we started sending paid traffic to it.
  • Having never really run paid advertising across Meta or Google (aside from the occasional unsuccessful attempt at dabbling in the ads manager), we knew it was crucial to establish a consistent and scalable source of traffic.

The Results

In just 12 months we’ve been able to generate some stunning growth results:

1. Total revenue increase of over 1,900%!

2. Over 3,000% increase in orders placed online!

3. Nearly 800% increase in traffic (online store sessions), and

4. An impressive 232% improvement in website conversion rate!

The single biggest leverage points in this campaign success were:

1. Increasing the volume of traffic and sales from the most cost-effective traffic channels – achieving a 1,767% increase in revenue from Organic Search and 2,297% increase in revenue from Email.

2. Massive increase in revenue plus decrease in costs from paid traffic channels – generating over 3,008% increase from Google Ads and over 4,269% increase from Facebook Ads.

And, we have increased eCommerce revenue by more than 1,919% in just 12 months!

And this doesn’t even include their in-store revenue!

I don’t know about you, but that’s a pretty good ROI for any Shopify store! 

While the brand continues to scale and grow, it’s important to mention that they are selling quality products and brands. That’s important. The best marketing strategy in the world won’t help if you’re trying to sell something of poor quality or that no one wants. 

We can’t wait to see what our next ecommerce client brings in!

I’d been following Cath for ages…I’m really happy I decided to work with Productpreneur. The results have blown me away! Definitely recommend.Rebecca Chin – Pontifex Jewellers

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