Discover How This Garden Decor Brand Grew 219% In 12 Months!

This stunning Australian garden decor brand has enjoyed rapid year-on-year growth. 
Read the article to discover the 3 core strategies that formed the basis of the growth strategy.
And, find out how you can replicate this in your own business!

Take a look at what’s possible with consistently implementing the right growth strategies: 

HOW we started

Amy and Jesse started Custom Steel Appeal by accident.  After buying their property they realised it would be quite expensive to maintain, so Jesse wanted to buy a Plasma cutter to help create parts for around the property.

However, at $20k, they would have to borrow the money to buy it. So Amy (as an Accountant) insisted that it should earn it’s own income.

After some quick calculations on a piece of paper about how many butterflies they could fit on a sheet of steel, they worked out how many they’d need to sell in order to pay back in the machine in 3 years.

From an initial goal of $1000 a month, they actually earned $3k in their first month!  It was then they realised this could be a viable business, more than just a hobby. 

Here’s an overview of how they did it…


Learning to run and grow the business has been a huge learning curve. As an Accountant, Amy has the bookkeeping & tax side mastered, and Jesse’s background in project management sees him continually improving efficiencies.

But learning to price their products, generate consistent sales, web design and optimisation, the logistics of fulfilment and everything else that comes along with a business was all new. All while managing 2 kids, a day job and a household.

They needed help to master this – quickly!

The Solution

Here were the 3 key strategies we implemented to grow their year-on-year revenue by 219%: 

1. Get More Traffic (Without Over-Paying!)

There are three different kinds of traffic and every successful eCommerce brand needs all three: owned, earned and paid.

Custom Steel Appeal now has two paid traffic channels that convert profitably (Meta and Google Ads), driving consistent and predictable amounts of traffic to the website and converting at a profitable rate.

Their website is now well optimised for SEO and earns between 15% of revenue from organic search (the free stuff!).

And, as a result of consistent and ongoing email list-building and email marketing efforts, they generate nearly 30% of revenue from the database they own (also basically free traffic!)

2. Increase Sales Conversions & First-Order Value

Scaling an eCommerce business can be a massive drain on cash flow, so it’s critical to maximise the website conversion rate and average order value from new customers.

Doing so improves the return on ad spend (ROAS) from paid traffic, and it also generates new revenue fast enough to keep growing quickly.

With regular tweaks and optimisations to the website to improve the conversion rate, and the introduction of new products, Custom Steel Appeal has been able to make more money, faster!

3. Maximise Customer Lifetime Value

Because it costs money to acquire each new customer, in the form of paying for traffic and offering discounts and incentives, it is pretty difficult to grow a profitable business if customers only buy one time.

By implementing a promotional calendar that incorporates regular promotions, Custom Steel Appeal has increased their returning customer rate significantly over the year.

The Results

The single biggest leverage points in this multi-channel campaign success were:  

1. Increasing the revenue from ‘Owned’ data – revenue generated from their Klaviyo database increased over 330%! The ROI on this revenue is huge – 3800%. This single datapoint resulted in a massive increase in profitability for this brand.

2. Increasing the revenue from paid Meta ads by almost 162%! Historically, Custom Steel Appeal ran Meta ads on a very low budget, but needed to scale their spend to grow. They achieved a huge increase in profitable traffic and sales from this channel.

3. Massively increasing the revenue from from Google Ads traffic by over 1240% with a high return on ad spend (ROAS) of 4.46, contributing significantly to the revenue growth and accelerating the speed of growth.

4. Increasing the revenue from free Organic Search traffic by over 107%, also contributing a significant improvement to the overall profitability of the business.

And this was only the beginning!

I don’t know about you, but that’s a pretty good ROI for eCommerce! 

While the brand continues to scale and grow and is on track for bumper growth in the next year, it’s important to mention that they are selling quality products and brands. That’s important. The best ads in the world won’t help if you’re trying to sell something of poor quality or that no one wants. 

We can’t wait to see what our next ecommerce client brings in!

“Working with Cath & her team has been invaluable.  Marketing is not my forte and I have been listening to her podcast for around 2 years before making the leap. While the free content was amazing, I was at the point where I needed more specific help and direction.  We initially connected for a redesign of our website (I built the first 2 myself) as I had reached my limit in terms on time & ability. 

Having someone to help give me direction as well as the specific steps I need to take to get to where we want to be has been amazing. Getting direction and specific tips to get our Meta ads set up, and our Google ads account up & running to work in tandem, and getting our email list actually converting & making us money!

I 100% would recommend Productpreneur’s Mastery program to help with the overwhelm and start getting practical steps in place to help grow your business.”

– Amy Sumner, Custom Steel Appeal

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