Discover How This Baby Brand Grew 277% In 12 Months!

This stunning merino wool swaddle brand has enjoyed rapid year-on-year growth. 

Read the article to discover the 3 core strategies that formed the basis of the growth strategy.

And find out how you can replicate this in your own business!

Take a look at what’s possible with consistently implementing the right growth strategies: 

The Problem...

Australian brand Billie & Bobbie makes premium baby swaddles and sleep sacks using Superfine Merino Wool.

They came to us with two goals:

They wanted to get traffic to the website and convert more sales, profitably.

As well as learn and implement the right marketing systems and strategies to successfully grow their brand.


If you’ve ever tried to sell premium products made from the highest quality materials (a.k.a not cheap stuff!) you’ll know it’s not easy…

  • Building brand visibility and demand for a high-end product.
  • Establishing trust with potential customers.
  • Getting them to part with their hard-earned moolah…

Especially during a period of economic downturn!!

However, this beautiful brand has managed to do all this and more! Here’s an overview of how they did it…

“We need help to grow...profitably!”

Not having a skilled marketing team in-house and not wanting to waste time or money trying to figure it out alone (and risk making costly mistakes in the process!), she came to Productpreneur for help to learn and grow.

Their goal was to plan and implement the right digital marketing strategies to build their brand and fast-track their sales growth in their Ecommerce store.

Billie & Bobbie founder Debbie has mastered the core marketing platforms that drive consistent traffic and sales, leading to ongoing revenue growth, as well as growing confidence

The Solution

Here were the 3 key strategies we implemented to grow their year-on-year revenue by 277%: 

1. Get More Traffic (Without Over-Paying!)

There are three different kinds of traffic and every successful eCommerce brand needs all three: owned, earned and paid.

Billie & Bobbie has two paid traffic channels that convert profitably (Meta and Google Ads), driving consistent and predictable amounts of traffic to the website and converting at a profitable rate.

Their website is now well optimised for SEO and earns between 20-25% of revenue from organic search (the free stuff!).

And, as a result of consistent and ongoing email list-building and email marketing efforts, they generate 20-25% of revenue from the database they own (also basically free traffic!)

2. Increase Sales Conversions & First-Order Value

Scaling an eCommerce business can be a massive drain on cash flow, so it’s critical to maximise the website conversion rate and average order value from new customers.

Doing so improves the return on ad spend (ROAS) from paid traffic, and it also generates new revenue fast enough to keep growing quickly.

With regular tweaks and optimisations to the website to improve the conversion rate, and the introduction of bundles, Billie and Bobbie has been able to make more money, faster!

3. Maximise Customer Lifetime Value

Because it costs money to acquire each new customer, in the form of paying for traffic and offering discounts and incentives, it is pretty difficult to grow a profitable business if customers only buy one time.

By implementing a promotional calendar that incorporates regular promotions, Billie and Bobbie has increased their returning customer rate significantly over the year.

The Results

The single biggest leverage points in this multi-channel campaign success were:  

1. Increasing the revenue from ‘Owned’ data – revenue generated from their Klaviyo database increased over 297%! The ROI on this revenue is huge – 3800%. This single datapoint resulted in a massive increase in profitability for this brand.

2. Increasing the revenue from paid Meta ads by 164%! Along with increasing the Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) by 38%, resulted in a huge increase in profitable traffic and sales from this channel.

And this was only the beginning!

I don’t know about you, but that’s a pretty good ROI for eCommerce! 

While the brand continues to scale and grow and is on track for bumper growth in the next year, it’s important to mention that they are selling quality products and brands. That’s important. The best ads in the world won’t help if you’re trying to sell something of poor quality or that no one wants. 

We can’t wait to see what our next ecommerce client brings in!

“The thing that I love the most about the Productpreneur Mastery Program is that they have a team of experts who will teach you how to do it yourself, from running Facebook ads to making changes to your website to optimise the conversion rate.

This not only means you can keep costs down while you scale, but it means that you have a true understanding of what is going on in your own business – which is really important when you are ready to outsource!” – Debbie, Billie & Bobbie founder

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