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eCommerce Website Traffic and Sales System Drives 700% Growth

Without a well-designed website AND a way to generate traffic & sales, your online store will struggle to grow.

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The Problem...

The original silicone jewellery brand in Australia – Jellystone Designs – came to us with the request to redesign their website and migrate it from WordPress to Shopify, as well as to set up an automated traffic and sales system using Klaviyo email marketing and paid Facebook advertising. 

Having launched several years earlier, they’d built a successful wholesale brand, but the higher-margin, more profitable retail sales growth had escaped them. 

Not only were they trying to compete in a congested eCommerce space – there are TONS of online teething toy retailers!

But once COVID hit in 2020 and retail stores were forced to close – severely impacting their wholesale sales – it became imperative to pivot to a direct-to-consumer eCommerce business model.

They needed the help of skilled Shopify designers and developers to re-imagine the look and feel of the store as well as migrate it to the Shopify platform. 

PLUS systemise and automate their traffic and sales with paid Facebook advertising and Klaviyo email flows.

“We needed to drive eCommerce sales.”

The original Jellystone Designs website was several years’ old, built on an old WordPress template that was no longer supported.

The design was not user-friendly for today’s mobile-first world.

Much of the information about the brand that should set it apart from their competition was buried several layers deep, making it impossible for customers to find.

Bottom line – it was hard to buy on their website. As a result, their future growth was being severely stunted.

They needed the help of skilled eCommerce professionals to redesign the website and migrate it to Shopify. AND to set up the marketing system that would drive their growth forwards.

The Solution...

We custom designed a beautiful new website for Jellystone Designs and rolled out marketing strategies to drive traffic and sales: 

1: After profiling the customer avatars and mapping out the buyer journey, we designed the information architecture, content and layout that would appeal to buyers.  

2: We redesigned the visual design of the entire website, so the entire site looks more sophisticated and professional, including updating all the imagery in line with their new brand look-and-feel.

3: Additionally, we streamlined their wholesale business by implementing online ordering.

4: After building the new site on the Shopify platform and setting up all their shipping and inventory integrations, we migrated all the customer data, order history and domain name over from WordPress. 

5: Next – we custom-designed, wrote and built all automated email flows in Klaviyo, to systemise and automate much of the sales.

6: Plus, we designed and setup an effective Facebook ad funnel to drive traffic to their online store.

The Results...

The single biggest leverage point in this website success was designing a well thought-out user experience and tailoring the design of the content layout and menu navigation specifically to communicate their unique points of difference and appeal directly to their ideal customer.  

  • We improved their website conversion rate
  • Direct-to-consumer sales have tripled;
  • 25% of revenue generated by Klaviyo and 1/3 of that is automated
  • Facebook advertising was hugely profitable at 7x ROAS (return on ad spend)
  • Achieved over 700% sales growth in six months!

As a result, sales revenue increased by 700% compared to last year!

We have been smashing it! All my expectations were far exceeded by the Productpreneur team.” Claire Behrman

“All my expectations were far exceeded though by the Productpreneur team. Our previous website lacked cohesion and was far from a pleasant user experience. Our new website brings together all of our company ethos and products and presents these seamlessly.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend working with Productpreneur and my only regret is not engaging their services sooner!” 

Claire Behrman, Jellystone Designs

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10x in 8 months!

“In only 8 months, I’ve already done 10x last year’s sales! ” 
Laura, Snotty Noses

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“My Facebook Ads are working so well I’m making money in my sleep!”  
Jade, Thermobrush

Over 8x ROI!

Catherine helped us achieve a consistent 8x Return On Ad Spend. We’re very happy!”  Stevie, Active Truth

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“In 3 months I’ve grown my online sales over 200%!”  Andrea, Kapow Kids

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