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In 90 days We Grew This Nursery Brand’s eCommerce Revenue Over 100%…

(& Over 600% In 12 Months!)

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The Problem...

This Australian eCommerce brand in the competitive baby brands space – Cozigo – came to us with the goal to scale their eCommerce sales. 

Having launched several years ago, they’d already achieved some success within the Australian market.

But they were absolutely decimated by the onset of Covid-19 with sales literally grinding to a halt overnight. 

They needed help planning and implementing a re-launch strategy.

Wanting to take advantage of the organic sales that gradually started trickling in after lockdowns ended and travel opened up – Cozigo came to Productpreneur Marketing initially for a new Shopify website and Klaviyo email automation project, followed by a Facebook and Instagram strategy to accelerate traffic and sales. 

"I need help to grow"

Cozigo may have been severely impacted by Covid.

But their product is unique and customers were avidly looking for it once lockdowns eased and travel resumed.

Wanting to accelerate the organic growth, Cozigo came to us to help them with their digital marketing.

The Results...

The single biggest leverage points in this campaign success were:  

1. Redesigning the website to improve the user experience, achieving a 43% improvement in website conversion rate.

2. Increasing the volume of traffic and sales from the most cost-effective traffic channel – achieving a 575% increase in revenue from Organic Search.

3. Driving 30% month-on-month growth from Facebook and Instagram Ads at a very healthy ROAS (Return On Ad Spend). 

And, we have increased sales revenue and profitability by more than 600% in just 12 months!

I don’t know about you, but that’s a pretty good ROI for eCommerce!! 

While the brand continues to scale and grow and is on track for multiple-6-figure months, it’s important to mention that they are selling quality products and brands with a proven history of sales. That’s important. The best ads in the world won’t help if you’re trying to sell something of poor quality or that no one wants. 

We can’t wait to see what our next ecommerce client brings in!

Listen to Cozigo's founder Emma share her story on our Podcast

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75% up in 2 months!

“Sales up up over 75% in just two months! ” 
Amy, Arch Bags

I'm in shock!

“I still get a shock every day when I look at my sales figures!”  Kristy, Babiators

Over 8x ROI!

Catherine helped us achieve a consistent 8x Return On Ad Spend. We’re very happy!”  Stevie, Active Truth

200% in 2 months!

“In 3 months I’ve grown my online sales over 200%!”  Andrea, Kapow Kids

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