How Does Productpreneur Marketing Compare To Other Options

We know there are many ways you can grow your eCommerce business with digital marketing. How does Productpreneur Marketing compare to your other options?

Option 1: Productpreneur Marketing vs a traditional digital marketing agency

You’re looking to drive revenue from digital marketing strategies (like paid Facebook or Google ads, email marketing or SEO), and you want to choose a partner who can get you the results you need. You have thousands of agencies to choose from, and we know our unique approach may not be right for every brand. We’re not here to tell you we’re better than everyone else, but we believe in what we do and drive great results for our clients.


Productpreneur Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency, specialising in eCommerce brands for women and children. (We literally don’t take clients on if their business doesn’t fit this definition.)

Our services include:

– Marketing planning
– Shopify website design
– Conversion rate optimisation
– Search engine optimisation (SEO)
– Social media management
– Facebook advertising
– Google advertising
– Klaviyo email marketing
– Product photography

The way we operate to deliver these services is:

1. First we audit and analyse your current situation;
2. Then we devise the right plan to get you from where you are now to where you want to be in 12 months’ time (your goals);
3. Then, we implement those strategies (which is likely to be a mix of all of the above, but the specific activities might vary from brand to brand or from month to month, depending on your specific situation).

Our model is great for brand owners who are frustrated or overwhelmed with working with a number of different agencies – the time it takes to project manage a variety of service providers and the struggle to get consistency across channels when different providers are working on them.

Typically we see most agencies specialise in one or two disciplines. Often it’s a Google Ad specialist, or a Facebook ad specialist, or an SEO agency. 

You hire a traditional digital agency or freelancer like this so their experts can save you time on producing or managing that marketing channel. 

You hire them on a monthly retainer (usually 3 months minimum, but sometimes indefinitely), they deliver a certain amount of work per month, and you have regular check-ins with them.

This model is a good fit for brand owners who:

– Have solid skills in marketing planning to be able to set goals, devise the strategies required to achieve them, and then to brief and direct each separate agency or freelancer to execute on their piece of the marketing plan.
– Have the time to project manage a number of different agencies or freelancers separately, ensuring that each service provider maintains a consistent tone of voice, messaging and visuals.

However, many brands find their results aren’t as good as they hope because the marketing and advertising going out on each channel is not consistent or cohesive. They can often be left wondering why things aren’t working, and may lack the skills necessary to devise a strategic plan – when no overarching strategic plan exists, each service provider will create their own separate one.


Working with Productpreneur Marketing means working directly with one Account Manager dedicated to your business.

 This person has extensive experience in eCommerce marketing, and will help devise plans and strategies. 

They will then be the one to brief all our in-house experts and project manage the implementation of all strategies. 

You’ll also meet weekly with your Account Manager to go through all work-in-progress and review ongoing performance results, so that you always know what’s happening.

Working with traditional agencies or freelancers means working with a number of different technical experts.

Typically, you will need to prepare the plan and brief each service provider on their tasks.

You’ll need to review the work output by each agency or freelancer to make sure the tone of voice, content and messaging is consistent across the board.

You’ll also need to attend multiple meetings each week with each different service provider, and then collate the results generated by each to calculate if your goals are being met.


Because of the way we work – beginning with analysis and planning, and then implementation – we are always focused on the goals.

During our implementation phase, we monitor the conversion rates on ALL marketing channels, to ensure sales targets are being met. 

Our job is not done just by sending ad traffic to your website.

If, for example, your website is not converting as well as it should – we will see this immediately and we tweak or update your website to help improve sales conversions. 

With our expert attention, your online store will become a traffic and sales machine.

Working with traditional ad agencies or freelancers typically means you’re hiring them to do a particular job. 

Once they’ve set up and run the ads or sent the emails, their job is done. 

They’re not focusing on ensuring your website converts that traffic (or fixing it if it’s not). And they’re often not focused on making sure your overall revenue target is met – they’re just focused on their own slice of the marketing pie.


Our packages cost anywhere between $450 to $8k per month, depending on the inclusions and scope of work, with optional photography or new website builds costing more. 

These fees are inclusive of work produced for you by all our experts: eCommerce marketing strategists, Facebook media buyers, Google media buyers, Search engine optimisation specialist, Graphic designer, Web designer, Email marketing expert, Social media manager, and Copywriter.

We do not lock you into any contracted period. It’s a month-by-month arrangement.

The average monthly fee for traditional ad agencies is approximately $3000 for one service (such as Facebook ads or Google ads). 

Typically, there is a set-up fee and then a minimum 3 month contract, then continuing on indefinitely if things are going well. 

And you may or may not receive professional design or copywriting within those fees.

Freelancer fees are generally much cheaper (often $1000 a month or even less), however with freelancers you only get input from one person (who is unlikely to be an expert in copywriting, design and media buying).


Full service clients of Productpreneur Marketing typically enjoy an average 3x return on investment within six months (inclusive of our fees and ad spend).

Our eCommerce marketing system has worked for hundreds of different brands. 

We have numerous case studies that show exactly how our clients’ website traffic and sales have increased, delivering revenue growth and, ultimately, business transformation.

When outsourcing to multiple different agencies, often charging $3,000 + each, the cost to your business starts to creep up, making it much harder to generate a return on investment. 

Given the difficulties in tracking metrics on various digital marketing platforms, it can also become tricky to identify which agency or service provider is producing the results.

Then, consider the extra time it takes you to do all the planning and project management required to brief and manage multiple service providers and your return on effort also diminishes.


Some brands we talk with choose to go it alone, and that’s OK.

If this is you, and you would like to undertake some training or mentoring with the eCommerce experts on our team, book a call with us to discuss.

We run courses and coaching programs where you can learn how to DIY an effective eCommerce marketing system for your business.

These include access to multiple live coaching calls each week, where you can ask questions and get feedback from the experts.


We call it “paralysis by analysis.” Business owners read too many articles (or posts in networking groups!) and talk with so many agencies that they come away with conflicting strategies and tactics. They end up not knowing who to trust, so they never move forward. 

Of course – doing nothing means you won’t waste money on the wrong plan or the wrong service provider. 

But doing nothing also means you won’t make progress and see results.