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    Long Haul Spa

January 4, 2019

Long Haul Spa

Long Haul Spa is an Australian based company with a mission to turn soul-sucking, complexion-destroying long haul flights into an in-seat spa session – so that you hit the ground running at your destination feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

As a new brand Chris needed a website built from scratch to showcase her new products and to educate her customers. It was important to Chris that the new website represented Long Haul Spa’s values of being an ethical and sustainable business.

The Brief

To design and build a new e-commerce website on the Shopify Platform including copy editing for product descriptions and all pages. The website needed to integrate with payment providers including PayPal and Afterpay, email provider Mailchimp and live rate shipping via Australia Post.

The Website

Long Haul Spa case study

Integrations include:

  • Mailchimp Email Provider
  • Payment providers – Shopify, Paypal and Afterpay
  • Facebook

Our team designed and built the website using the Turbo theme in Shopify created by Out of the Sandbox. The Turbo theme is a fast and mobile responsive theme that allows a greater level of customisation while providing a large range of professional features. Chris had a branding kit ready to go so we were able to design her website to align with her luxurious high flying brand.

The website was designed with the Long Haul Spa customer in mind. They are travellers and likely to be shopping on their phone so the design is sleek and uncluttered and not only looks beautiful on mobile but is easy for purchases on the go.

Because Long Haul Spa Kits are a new product to the market we took the time to consider the educational journey that the customer may need to take before purchasing. It was important that the product pages were customised to be able to showcase not only the beauty of the products but how they benefited the customer and aligned with their values. Each product purchased from Long Haul Spa

Chris’s new website is optimised for SEO and with Google Analytics and Facebook integrated the website is ready for all future marketing endeavours including content marketing and paid advertising.

Additional details:
  • Designed with E-commerce best practices for high converting websites
  • Mobile responsive
  • SEO optimised
  • Copy editing for product descriptions and all pages
  • Reviews imported with store’s branding along with the set up and customisation of Review Request email using Stamped.io
  • Installation and customisation of apps for Customer FOMO, and email collection pop up using Just Uno
  • Installation and integration with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel
  • Mailchimp integration and email template customisation including New Subscribers.
  • Customisation of Shopify notifications including Order Confirmation, Order Fulfilled and Abandoned Cart