Are Facebook Ads Worth It for eCommerce Brands?

Running an eCommerce brand for Women or Children and keen as mustard to grow and scale quickly?

You probably already know that you need to master paid traffic in order to rapidly grow your online store.

However, you may also be feeling a little fearful of investing in Facebook Ads given all the horror stories out there…

I remember the first time I hired a digital agency for my first brand (it was for SEO and Adwords back in 2008). I was promised the world, and delivered a bunch of junk 🤬

Unfortunately, it’s a common experience, so I know you’d be cautious about repeating that with me and my team…

I don’t blame you! Let me help you figure out are facebook ads worth it for your business.

Your eCommerce growth partner

Don't fall for the misinformation...

Positioning your brand for extremely lucrative growth through Facebook and Instagram advertising isn’t the complicated formula or classified info you’ve been led to believe.

Nor does getting help with Facebook ads need to be the costly, unprofitable exercise it is for some…

The fact is, it’s an equation of key eCommerce principles that helps to give your brand breakthrough performance and achieve more profitable results. 

That’s it! 

Are Facebook Ads Worth It for Rapid eCommerce Growth?

The secret to propelling your brand towards unstoppable growth is the combination of:

💡 Desirable brand, products and great ad creatives that instantly stop the scroll with your ideal customers;

💡 Optimisable business metrics. This means your margins, conversion rate, AOV and LTV are in a favourable ratio to generate rapid results from Facebook ad management (without making a mess of your cash flow!); and

💡 A positive entrepreneurial mindset. (Basically – scaling up quickly is an experience not unlike riding the rollercoaster… We’re not out for a Sunday stroll here, so you’ll need the right attitude to enjoy this!)

Here's what you can expect with a Facebook ad strategy tailored to your brand:

With the right strategy, you can activate attention-grabbing on-brand creatives that convert potential customers into valuable repeat buyers and achieve results like these…

⚡ Escalated Aussie kids fashion label from $25k/month to 7-figures per month in 18 months at over 8x ROAS

⚡ Scaled a women’s fashion accessories brand from 4-figures per month to 6-figures per month in under 12 months

⚡ Skyrocketed a kids’ accessories brand from 5-figures per month to multiple 7-figures per year in 12 months

⚡ Boosted a stationery brand’s new range launch campaign driving 6-figures in sales in just 2 months, at over 6x ROAS

⚡ Scaled Aussie homewares brand from $25k/month to 7-figures per year in 18 months at over 8x ROAS

⚡ Launched start-up women’s supplements brand, generating multiple 6-figures in sales in just 90 days

Ticking all the boxes? This is our niche!

This is what we want you to know: We are 100% collaborative in our approach—we basically become embedded into your team.

We’ll take the time to understand your brand vision, embrace the passion behind your product and identify your ideal customers to drive the growth you desire.

Ditch the ‘set and forget’ style of Facebook ad management, or the cookie-cutter ad strategies. Our expert team will work closely with you every step of the way, designing and implementing strategies tailored to your brand.

So, are facebook ads worth it?

In short, yes. 

However… it’s not a case of ‘let’s wave our magic wand and suddenly the results appear’. 

What does work is when we follow our proven process of planning the right strategies for your unique brand, implementing quickly and accurately, and then optimising for consistent improvements.

How much $ can you make?

Our Facebook Advertising methodology involves setting revenue targets and then calculating:

✅ How much traffic to we need, based on your conversion rate and average order value

✅ What cost-per-result is profitable given your pricing and margins

✅ What campaign structure and ad creatives we’ll need to achieve those results

✅ How much we need to spend to hit your revenue goals.

Yes, those variables change a bit from day-to-day, but that’s where the daily optimisations come in.

Take a look at our Paid Ad Calculator to see how much revenue you could make. Are Facebook ads worth it for you?


Are you ready to blow up your eCommerce sales trajectory and want some help with your Facebook ad management? Then we’d love to hear from you!

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