Want to skyrocket your eCommerce sales?

We deliver online marketing solutions for product-based businesses that demand growth.

Got an eCommerce Store?

Here at Productpreneur Marketing, we help eCommerce brands targeting women and children to launch, build and scale profitable online stores. We do this through paid Facebook and Google Shopping Ads, Klaviyo Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, and high converting Shopify website design services.

Not enough customers?
Spending more money on Facebook ads than you make back in sales?
Constantly having to discount in order to make money?

No matter what your biggest struggle in business is, we’ve gotcha covered.

Our zone of genius is in turning your online store into a hive of sales activity.

What Makes Us Different?

Our genius is in helping product-based business owners (brand designers eCommerce business owners alike), to plan for growth, to get their products in the hands of more people, and to grow their brand into a household name.

We take the time to understand your brand vision, get to know your ideal customers and learn what makes them tick (ie – buy!).

Our special niche is working with products that are new, different or better than the traditional options on the market.

Some of our clients are in fashion; some are artisans; many of them operate in the baby and kids or eco-friendly or sustainability spaces; ALL of them are innovators in their product category.

Ready to talk to us?

We’re looking forward to chatting with you and discussing the options available to transform your business and brand. Click the button below to schedule your free consultation. We’ll ask you to tell us about your brand, your customers, your current business situation, and your goals!

Our mission

To deliver marketing services tailored to your eCommerce store or innovative products.

To help build your brand into a household name and get your product into the hands of more of your customer, using the latest online sales and marketing tools and strategies.