Want to skyrocket your eCommerce sales?

We deliver online marketing solutions for product-based businesses that demand growth.


Got an eCommerce Store?…

Here at Productpreneur Marketing, we help eCommerce brands targeting women and children to launch, build and scale profitable online stores.

We do this through paid Facebook Ads, automated Klaviyo Email Funnels, and high converting Shopify website design services.

Not enough customers? Spending more money on Facebook ads than you make back in sales? Constantly having to discount in order to make money?

No matter what your biggest struggle in business is, we’ve gotcha covered. Our zone of genius is in turning your online store into a hive of sales activity.

Facebook Advertising

Need more website traffic? If you want to scale your business fast, leave your Facebook advertising in the hands of experts. Our high impact strategies drive hoards of targeted traffic to your website and convert them into new and repeat customers.

Klaviyo Email Funnels

Need more customers? Take advantage of every website visitor and customer who comes your way. Double (or more) the number of customers who buy from you and retain a loyal, repeat customer base with our proven, high converting automated email funnels.

Shopify Web Design

Need a new eCommerce website? (Or an existing one improved?) Our high performance websites are designed by people who know eCommerce inside and out. We work on the Shopify platform to deliver eCommerce websites that sell.

Campaigns & Product Launches

Got a brand new product or range to launch? Or a big new promotion to roll out? Our team can design a one-off campaign that’ll get your customers moving (wallets out and at the ready)!

What Our Clients Say

  • “Signing up to work with Catherine and her team was the best decision I made in 2018. My monthly sales are almost 3 times higher compared to last year.” Diana Swadling, Milkbar Breastpumps

    - Milkbar Breastpumps

  • “I have been working with Catherine for 9 months. Been in business 4 years, and have tried many things and had ups and downs, but in this last 9 months I’ve had over 500% sales growth!” Michelle Kuramochi, Cheeky Chompers

    - Cheeky Chompers

  • “The best decision I ever made was calling on the help of Catherine. We’re smashing sales targets and have had nearly 4,000% sales increase in 12 months!” Kristy Rigby

    - Babiators

  • “Since working with Catherine on our online marketing strategies our sales have increased substantially as has our website conversion rate. Catherine is great to work with, goes over and above what is required and nothing is ever too much trouble!” Sharon Thurin

    - Slim Secrets

  • “I cannot recommend Productpreneur Marketing more highly! Their no-nonsense, ‘take you by the hand’ approach has been invaluable to our business. Ever approachable, accessible, objective and professional, Catherine and her team have been invaluable to our business, imparting skills and keys that will continue to pay dividends for years to come.” Julie Conibear

    - Opening Fairy Doors

  • “Working with Catherine and her team at Productpreneur Marketing has been amazing! They helped me with a new Shopify website, email marketing and Facebook advertising that delivered excellent results in a short space of time. I can honestly say if you are wanting to fast-track your business growth and success do not waste time with trial and error, you need someone with experience to take you there, and Productpreneur Marketing is exactly who you need!” Malou Villarreal

    - Baby Loves Sleep

  • “It’s only been a few months since implementing Productpreneur Marketing’s automated email funnels and Facebook Ads, but I can already see the success of her strategies working. In 3 months I’ve grown my sales over 200%!” Andrea Goulding, Kapow Kids Clothing

    - Kapow Kids Clothing

What Makes Us Different

Our genius is in helping product-based business owners (brand designers eCommerce business owners alike), to plan for growth, to get their products in the hands of more people, and to grow their brand into a household name.

We take the time to understand your brand vision, get to know your ideal customers and learn what makes them tick (ie – buy!).

Our special niche is working with products that are new, different or better than the traditional options on the market.

Some of our clients are in fashion; some are artisans; many of them operate in the baby and kids or eco-friendly or sustainability spaces; ALL of them are innovators in their product category.

Ready to talk to us?

We’re looking forward to chatting with you and discussing the options available to transform your business and brand. Click the button below to schedule your free consultation. We’ll ask you to tell us about your brand, your customers, your current business situation, and your goals!

  • Our Mission

    To deliver marketing services tailored to your eCommerce store or innovative products.

    Our mission is to help build your brand into a household name and get your product into the hands of more of your customers, using the latest online sales and marketing tools and strategies.